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Wayne Thomas Photographer

Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Wayne now resides in Charlotte Hall, in St. Mary’s county.  Wayne enjoys various genres of photography, particularly landscapes and street photography.  

Wayne is a retired federal employee, is married to Shirley and has two sons and daughter-in-law and four grandchildren. He and Shirley have traveled the world together and look forward to continuing their travels whenever possible.


Travel and discovering new things, even those in plain sight, is when he is most engaged, most inspired and most challenged. Learning bits of a new language and culture, getting lost in winding cobblestones streets or narrow dirt paths, meeting local people, and taking in every element of a moment – sights, scents, sounds and feelings. This is when he is most alive.  The camera allows him to capture and share these moments. 

When not looking through the viewfinder of his camera, Wanye enjoys playing golf, writing poetry and short dialogues inspired by the writing of Langston Huges and spends way too much time watching photo tutorials on YouTube.  

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