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Corrita Myers – Abstract Artist

There is a delicate balance to existence. I believe the appreciation and embracing of art is an essential aspect of the delicate balance. Creativity is a direct affront to destruction and negativity. As artists, our purpose is often beyond our comprehension. Through my life experiences, my journey pulled me into the realm of creativity. And this is the medium that I naturally gravitated to. My art is created through curiosity, dreams, and inspiration. During this journey, I am learning to embrace my purpose in contributing to life’s balance, hoping to leave an imprint on anyone that comes across my work. I humbly learn through trial and error, research and online tutorials. I work out of a small studio space in my home, and I am driven purely from my love of art and my respect and admiration from the art and artists around me. I have been honored for my work to be exhibited at Annmarie Gardens, Maryland Art Place, DC Arts Center, and Angel’s Watch Shelter through Catholic Charities. I have also been select for commission pieces for a non-profit organization and private buyers. More than anything, I am enjoying this journey and relishing this chapter in life.


Thank you for checking out my work.


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