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Barbara Sampson - Painting/Collage 

My name is Barb Sampson. When I was 12 years old, I was given an oil paint set for Christmas because my parents saw my interest in art.  Both of my grandfathers painted on canvas. They inspired me when I realized their paintings were not paint by numbers. The subjects I paint are landscapes, wildlife and water scenes. My experiences with different medias are oil, acrylic and watercolor paints along with photography. I have three careers. My first career as a hair stylist for 10 years. Married and became mother of three sons. Worked for my church’s school as the librarian for 25+ years.  Retired, then moved to Saint Leonard to care for my parents.
A year after my move, I joined an art class lead by the well know artist Suzanne Sheldon.  As an artist, I love learning new concepts and different techniques. Suzanne’s suggestions help to advance my abilities.  I’m currently a member of the Calvert Artist Guild and showing my work at Artworks @7th Gallery, North Beach. When a painting is complete, I love to stare into it and allow the mood to take me to that place. 
If you desire to know more about my work, please contact me at  or

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