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Mike Smawley - Painter

Mike Smawley remembers drawing at a young age, especially the times he was caught doodling by his
teachers. As he got older his teachers recognized his talent and assigned him creative projects for
bulletin boards and class activities. High school found him promoted immediately to advanced art
classes, where he thrived and advanced at his own pace. Although Mike had considered a career in art,
the Vietnam War draft would trump those possibilities, sending him into the Air Force as a helicopter
maintenance technician.
Fast forward and after 39 years as an Aircraft Maintenance Tech with American Airlines, Mike is now
retired and has returned to his artistic roots.
Mike’s medium is acrylic on paper, very often mistaken for watercolors. His detailed approach and
attention to light and shadow successfully capture realistic landscapes and still lifes. He continues to
hone his techniques and to grow as an artist. The opportunity to be a part of the gallery brings him the
meaningful satisfaction of sharing his art with the community.

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