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Jacquelyn Dinora - Painter

Jackie is an award winning watercolor artist.  She is a member of the Baltimore Watercolor Society, Potomac Valley Watercolorists, Southern Watercolor Society, Alexandria Art League as well as the Calvert County Artist’s Guild and was a founding member of the Calvart Gallery in Prince Frederick, MD.  She is a native Washingtonian and has resided in Dunkirk, MD since 1994.

Jackie has been creating art her entire life and has experimented in many mediums including metal sculpture, stained glass, and hand built ceramics, as well as painting in acrylic and oil.  In 2000 she decided to try watercolor and it was total fascination lasting to this day.  She says “I love beautiful things and love portraying them in high contrast and high color in a rather untraditional watercolor style.”


See More of Jacquelyn's incredible work at:


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