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Thursday thru Sunday - 11am to 5pm 

Summer Hours - May - September - Thursday thru Sunday from 11am - 6pm

Winter Hours - October - April - Thursday - Sunday from 11am to 5pm


8905 Chesapeake Ave (at 2nd St.) North Beach, Maryland 20714

P.O. Box 385


Our Current Show



Our current exhibit

"Down on the Farm"

If interested in any of the pieces please contact us at or call 410-610-2422 and leave a message (name, phone number & art you're interested in), or just message us. Please like and share our exhibit and leave comments to help spread the word!

Upcoming Events

"Conversing in Colour

Starting May 2nd


Cynthia Martin-Brennan

Mixed Media artist

Leonardtown, MD

Cell: (703)304-3839

Artist Statement

I am a mixed media artist that combines painting medium like acrylics, oils, with photography. I like to transform my photographic images to art works that evoke color, emotion, and texture resulting in a metamorphosis of the original photograph. The photographs I choose to paint must have a motivating theme, focal point, or composition. I enjoy the tactile and creative process of painting directly on black and white photographs with acrylics, oils, and other paint

mediums. For example, a close-up photo of a magnolia blossom is reimagined through painting on the photograph as the flowing movement of a Spanish Tapatio dancer. My paintings explore the possibilities of shifting or adding colors, shadows, backgrounds, shapes or highlighting a focal point that may differ from the original photograph. In a world dominated by digital manipulation, I intend my paintings to have texture, depth, and awareness that a human manually transformed the image. I want my paintings to relate to our universal desire to embrace the human experience.

Cynthia Martin Brennan (3).jpeg
Cynthia Martin Brennan (4).jpeg
Cynthia Martin Brennan (2).jpeg
Cynthia Martin Brennan (1).jpeg
Cynthia Martin Brennan (5).jpeg
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